Harvest Calendar

What's In Season?

June - Peaches, Blackberries, Plums, Blueberries
July - Peaches, Blackberries, Plums, Blueberries
Aug - Peaches, Muscadines, Scuppernongs
Sept - Peaches, Muscadines, Scuppernongs, Pumpkins
Oct – Pumpkins

During harvest season, always be sure to call before you drive to make sure we are open and to see what fruit is available. Our recorded fruit hotline is 870-798-4975. Fruit information is available 24 hours/day. Information changes daily during the summer and is updated at 7 o'clock each night for the next day.

Suzanne’s Fruit Farm

We Will Pick...

We will pick fruit with a 24-hour advance notice in years that we have a plentiful crop. During a year that we have a bumper crop of fruit, we are normally open every day; however, if we have a late freeze and do not have a full crop, there will be days we will need to be closed to allow the fruit to ripen and the hours will vary also. Don't forget to call ahead before you drive to make sure we are open and what fruit is available that day.

These are ESTIMATED harvest dates. Actual harvest dates will depend on the summer heat and rainfall. (Remember to call before 'u' drive!)